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All jokes aside, this game was actually a lot of fun!  Cool little idea, reminds me of Super Soakers and Nerf Guns :P


Thank u so much about this! Have a nice day!

just launched the game for the first time, I hope it dosen't dissapoint :P

Thank u! 

It'd be better to make the girls wear bikini :p

So, bikini pls

Battle Splash will include modding tools for u! You can do what ever you want.

haha have just donated you guy :D remember to do your best!

try to PR your game on some youtuber's chanel like BH,... and make sure they know how anwesome this game is :]]

Thank u so much about this! I hope you will have a great time with Battle Splash Alpha Version. Have a nice day! 

3D video side by side


Awesome! Thank you very much for the video. :D

haha ủng hộ người việt

Are you Vietnamese ? :v

Yes, I am Vietnamese. However, I'd love to keep the conversations here in English so that everybody here can understand. It doesn't matter how good you are, just enough for people to understand, then I'd be very grateful.

Yeah, that right. So.... do you know BHGaming (The drop god :v) ?

Yes, I do, not really in person, but somehow yes.

Of couse, he said he know you lol...

I wish my computer is more stronger to play more unity games (like your game)

Oh, so sorry about that. Thank you for supporting Battle Splash.

You're welcome

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Well that was fun, wish the beta had more maps though, nearly crashed pc with 50 bots running around XD.....

The only down side is, it doesn't have many weapons (but the once what are there is really fun to use) and theres noone online :(

Except that, i can't wait for the game to be on steam, good luck XD


Thank you very much and We're really glad that you've enjoyed the pre-alpha version of our game. Currently this build only playable in LAN, but we're working on to integrate the multiplayer with Steamworks. Hope you'll keep supporting us by following our progress. :D

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I Really hope you get this game on steam before they disable greenlight :/

But..... if you need that funding to put this on steam, am sure theres tons of people willing to help XD

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Hey, no worries. ;)

Battle Splash has already been Greenlit!

It's just that Battle Splash is not integrated with Steam yet, thus there is no Steam version at the moment (but in the near future).

Thank you very much for your support :D

at the lower res settings there are graphical errors like the options dont show, etc

game also crashes on my computer, ill try to fix it so i can play

Hello @Jesseinator1000. What's your PC specs?

well, i dont know actually. its the school computers. On the front it says Flatron L1734S and I think it uses windows 7

Flatron L1734S is the name of the PC screen/monitor. Can you go to Start -> Run -> Type "dxdiag" and check the PC specs?


i love this game so much I only have two questions are there going to be a wider verity of battle characters and weapons ? Is there going to be more of a customization option for the classes in the future?

Well, we will consider that in later development phases. We really love to add more things like what you suggested, but we also have to calculate carefully about the balances in overall experiences since it's a both PvE and PvP game.


This game is so fun, I wish I had friends so I could play with them, it's the ultimate friend party game!

Thank you very much! We're really glad that you enjoyed Battle Splash. :D


in a comment at the bottom I shared a link to a community that plays this game among others, you can join, ask to play. I'm still hoping to record a game with 12+ human players sometime!


Here's the livestream of Battlesplash which we did once I found the game on! :D

there is another way to pay for the game? i have tried to pay for 2 days in both Chrome and Edge. the site just keep spinning after i pressed "Review and continue" :((. I downloaded the game and it very funny but there are some locked map.

Hello, LiemAkatsuki. Our current pre-alpha build only has one map as we're still making more contents for this game, thus there isn't any full version available yet. However, your donation is very appreciated for the development of Battle Splash project.


i think i can afford to donate for you guy because i think this is a good game from our country and i would like to play this game like a real fun-to-play game in the future :3

Thank you so much! We will do our best to bring you and everyone a Battle Splash filled with pure fun and excitement :D


I enjoy your game i love this i love water shooter thanks for this game i love this because why i love your game? you making a bots thats why i love this game awsome!!!

Thank you so much! Glad that you enjoyed our game and we hope that you can keep supporting us by following Battle Splash in later development stages. :)

can you please full version in your awsome gameplay it super cool


Hey, I see that the game is really polished! Keep it up! It is for this that arose more smaller game studios, I am the founder of one study, which begin to develop. I wish you good luck in further projects. According to me, the game deserves add it on Steam Greenlight. Regards

Thank you so much for your words. Speaking of Greenlight, we have been lit back in December 2016. You can check our Greenlight page below:


Great! Good luck! I hope that the game will be on Steam


Very nice, here's a starter guide that explains the different classes and weapons.


Which button activates the microphone? What are the controls? I so far only figured out Q and G in addition to WASD/12345/SHIFT. Can I switch to first person camera permanently?


The basic control of Battle Splash is with the following keys:

WASD - Moving Characters
Shift (hold) - Walk
1234 - Change weapons
5/G - Wield special item
Q/E - Change shoulder camera
V (hold) - Microphone

Also, this game doesn't have first-person camera.

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Thanks! It also seems like the server browser might not be working. I'm going to host (and livestream ) a game in about 15 minutes though and we'll do voice and normal chat via (discord is a modern alternative to IRC, primarily for gamers) we'd be honored to have you there if you're available :D