Battle Splash enters Alpha Stage, with now supports Online Multiplayer

I’m happy to announce that Battle Splash Alpha is now Available, and it is now possible to play the game Online with your friends or anyone. Just your Start Server in game (be sure to check Is Public Server to True), make sure you have Internet connection, and you are ready to go.

Along with Online Multiplayer Features, many more fixes and changes also took place in this update. Also, the 2nd Medieval Map makes a debut in this Version as well, with the first Environment Mechanic: The River - slows you down and add more Wet to your Character’s Max Water Resistant.

If you want to support the game, you are always welcomed at my Patreon Page ( Any support would be very appreciated.

And now, as usual, the full Release Notes:

Battle Splash Alpha:


  • Name: Battle Splash Alpha
  • Build Alias: WhiteSummer
  • Build Version: 1.663


  • Animation: More New/Updated animations.
  • Game Mechanics: Faster Character’s spawning, reduces unnecessary delay while loading/joining game.
  • Game Mechanics: Improved NetCode for Aiming. Player with around 300ms ping may still enjoy the game normally most of the time.
  • Game Performance: Improved even more Speed and Stable Frame-rate.
  • Map: New Map Added - Medieval Citadel. This map will feature a river that will slow character’s down and also reduce their Maximum Water Resistant.
  • Networking: Added Online Features, allows self-hosting on any computer that can run Battle Splash, also allows other players to join in through Internet.
  • Visual: Further enhancing Motion Blur to be more well adapted to the FPS. This means More Realistic Motion and Smoother Experience.


  • Audio: Temporary remove in-game Music. This will be added later.
  • GUI: No more problem with the Scroll View.


  • Cloth: No longer supports Cloth because of Performance and Stability.
  • Networking: No longer supports LAN lobby browser. The game will Automatically switch to LAN connection if necessary. Direct connection is still available, but it will be removed soon.
  • Visual: No longer supports High Quality Character’s Shadow because of Performance and Availability.

Known Issues: (These issues might not occur in the Steam version.)

  • Lobbies/Game Sessions: Not yet implemented Kicking or Voting, so Please BE POLITE to anyone.
  • Lobbies/Game Sessions: Not yet implemented Private Lobby with Password. The only Private Lobby is when Player choose to not broadcasting their host, and other players use Direct Connect to join in. However, if the Server is a Public Server (that is: not behind any Router), then it is possible to play a Private Match Online.
  • Networking: Sometimes the game cannot connect to the destination host. This is due to some Router’s architectures. If such event occurs, try re-connecting the same host again.
  • Networking: For some router, it is not possible to Connect to any host at all. This is a very Rare case, and very unlikely to happen. However, if your router is such, then it can’t be helped.


Battle Splash Alpha (WhiteSummer v 1.663) 405 MB
Jun 21, 2017

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